der morgen danach

solche abende darf es öfter geben. auch wenn das mit dem film nicht ganz so geklappt hat, aber an der problemlösung arbeite ich bereits.

Just the other day
I was walking along the bay
The sun was shining quiet was the sea
I saw him Standing there
Good looking yes I swear
I felt he could be dangerous for me

And suddenly he came to me – he took my hand and looked at me –
He swept me of my feet because he said:

„Hey I love you – I wanna spend the day with you
I can read a promiss in your eyes“
He said: „Hey I need you – I wanna spend the night with you
You’re beautiful I wanna make you mine“

Everything so right
It was love at first sight
When he toughed me I had shivers ran down my spine
Then he kissed my lips
Sweet so sweet his kiss
And I learned how to fly

Love is so beautiful love is so wonderful and devine to me
Love is miracle and devine to me


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