ich sachs doch immer wieder

Why did God put Evil in the world, God damn it?
Was it just an accident, or did he plan it?
Well, the fact is that God made the world to entertain himself,
And to keep things interesting, he took a little Evil off the shelf.
But to do God’s work, evil’s got to be set free,
To fight Boredom, the true enemy.

Boredom is the true enemy.
With all the bad things put away,
Life’s just a boring little play,
And Boredom is the true enemy.

What made Eve and Adam fall so fast?
A snake in the grass?
No. Boredom.
What made Pontius Pilate shrug and wash his hands?
Clerical demands? No. Boredom.
What made Mohammed Atta wanna visit New York City?
American foreign policy?
No, same reason as anybody: Boredom is the true enemy.

Boredom is the true enemy.
Now before you start to answer,
Remember: it takes more lives than cancer.
Boredom is the true enemy.

What makes the local teenagers so vile?
The latest music style? No. Boredom.
What makes the Vancouver Police Beat up the harmless protester?
Are they products of incest, Or?
Well, yes. But that’s caused by Boredom.
What makes genocide flare up with such tedious frequency?
Some kind of evil flea? People, honestly.
Boredom is the true enemy. Boredom is the true enemy.
So It’s really not that nice To want to stamp out every vice,
When boredom is the true enemy.
Songs about cars and angels and the rain Must be disdained.
They are the enemy.
A thousand books chock full of chicken soup
For the souls of the stupid Enemy,
Stories and plays that come with a Happy Ever After guaranteeÑ
Now that’s a goddamn tragedy,
When Boredom is the true enemy.
Boredom is the true enemy,
So join me in consensus, You’re either with us or against us,
Boredom is the true
Go ahead and sue, But applaud when I am through,
Because Boredom is the true enemy!

geoff berner


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